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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Tasting - Sunday 7th June 2009

Today I decided to arrange an impromptu family tasting of 3 wines sent to me by Naked Wines to try in my capacity as an Archangel. There were 7 tasters, although my father-in-law only tasted the white as he's not really a wine drinker. The goal was to score each wine on a 1-5 scale, and to estimate the price.

Georg Müller Hattenheimer Schützenhaus 2007 (Riesling Spätlese Trocken, Rheingau, Germany)

A very pleasant wine, tasted lightly chilled. It showed a wonderful fruity aroma, with characteristic Riesling flowery notes. The taste was also surprisingly fruity, one taster mentioned cider, another elderflower. Dry and refreshing, this makes perfect summer drinking, and would fare well with spicy seafood or coronation chicken. It also drinks well on its own. Light in alcohol, although perhaps stronger than expected at 12.5% a/v. Tasting again later I noticed a pleasant petillance to this wine which topped it off very nicely.

This was preferred of the three overall, despite some of the tasters only usually drinking reds. The average score was 3.1/5 (ranging from 2-4) and the desired price just over £6 (ranging from £4-8).

"The Dark Side" Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz 2005 (Cloof Vineyards, Darling, South Africa)

This was loved and hated in equal measure by the group - depending upon individual tastes. Its nose was variously described as 'cabbage' and 'Christmas pudding', but certainly the aroma was welcoming to me. The flavour was intensely oaky, having been aged in French wood. It would benefit from decanting or aeration prior to drinking. I plan to taste again tomorrow evening to see how it has mellowed.

A strong wine at 14% a/v, and it tastes it too. Despite the oak, the wine was easy, smooth drinking, and very pleasant. The Shiraz character successfully bludgeoned any Cab. Sauvignon character out of the way, although with aging I am sure this imbalance would even out.

This scored an average of 2.75/5 (ranging from 1-4!) with a desired price of £6.25 (range from £5 to £8).

Chateau La Lauzette Declercq 2006 (AC Listrac-Médoc, Médoc, France)

Again there were two distinct camps on this wine (opposite to the South African wine). As expected for a 2006 this was highly tannic and most tasters said it was acidic, although that was a positive point in a couple of cases! Would definitely benefit from decanting and should stay in the bottle for another year or three in this taster's opinion.

A pleasant aroma, notes of cinnamon and caramel. One taster described it as thin in the mouth and having a flavour of boiled eggs. For me it was too raw, and I will taste again tomorrow to see if it improves with some air.

Average score was 2.4/5 (ranging from 1 to 3.5), with a desired price-point of £5.50 (£3 to £6).

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  1. Tasting the two reds 24 hours later:

    1) The Cabernet Shiraz had mellowed quite a bit. The oakiness faded, allowing the full power of the Shiraz fruit (on the nose and the palate) to come through. This is actually a powerful and wonderfully flavoured wine, although strangely the nose is almost reminiscent of a Pinot Noir (hence the cabbage statement a couple of tasters noted?)

    2)The claret really has not improved at all. Still very acidic and moderately tannic. The nose mellowed somewhat, but the flavour was still too much for me.